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On Sharing.

So, recent events concerning friends has made me think about opening up about how we feel. 

It seems to me, there’s a common perception of people opening up about their feelings most particaully when they are hurt, or in pain, or suffering. A common Perception that to share these feelings with other people, is a display of weakness. 
There seems to be this opinion that strong people are the people who can encounter difficulty, endure suffering, feel pain or be hurt and deal with it on their own. Those that turn to their friends or counselling for help, are weak. 
There appears to be this idea that suffering in silence breeds character, and makes people better for it should they be able to deal with it. People seem to believe that to share their troubles is to be a burden on those they share them with. 
To me, these are all as far from the truth as you can get. 
I think, that to take your inner most feelings, ones that cause you pain, suffering… and to share them, is a sign of strength. To admit that you cannot cope is not weak, it is not a negative reflection on yourself. To say that you need help does not make you a burden on others.  
I believe that sharing your pain and suffering, your sadness and fears to another person is one of the strongest things you can do. It shows your belief in the strength of your friendship. Your faith that they can help. It shows the strength of YOUR friends, and they will share their strength with you. 
Sadly, the cliche ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is now a cliche, and so people overlook it. But it is true. some things need lots of people to help solve them. some heavy weights need more people to lift them. some burdens need many pairs of shoulders to bear them. Some hearts need more than one to love and believe in them. 
So, i believe that people should not be afraid to share, to say they have problems, that they are close to the edge.
The more people they tell, the more hands are there to pull them back from the edge. Or catch them should they fall. 




my school’s principal and head of school made a video to announce our snow day you should all watch it you won’t regret it!!

Honestly the best thing ever

I really wish I could’ve been there for the conversation that led up to the making of this video. Like,

Tie guy: Looks like we’re going to have to cancel school.

Bow tie guy: We’ll have to notify parents and students.

Tie guy: …

Bow tie guy: …


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